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more magic coming soon!

Now and again we all need a little magic to fill our lives

with a bit of sparkle and a whole lot of love, light, and inspiration!

Hailey Wiseman Speaking Your Truth Book on Amazon

Inspiring True Stories

I felt honored to be invited to share my story amongst

the courageous and

Inspiring Women

of these pages.

This book will remind you, you are not alone in your process to let go of shame, guilt, rage and sadness. The stories will inspire you to acknowledge yours and perhaps share it. 

Hailey Wiseman Breath of the Heart Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

I love this guided meditation.

I channeled it from the

5th Dimension.

It was an amazing process as I began to follow the direction of the Beings I worked with. I wept, laughed, and ultimately elevated my life force and so will you!

It will open your heart, align your chakras, and raise your vibration.

Labradorite Palm Stone

Labradorite Palm Stone

My new favorite stone!

This little gem is powerful. It will guide you to your deep inner consciousness helping you to see through illusions. It will teach you to trust your intuition. It also is very protective of your energy as you process through heavy emotions on your spiritual path.


Place it in your palm as you pray, meditate or sit quietly. 

Swaroviski Window Mount Rainbow Maker

Rainbow Maker

I absolutely love this solar powered rainbow maker. You simply mount the suction cup in  your favorite sunny window, and let the magic begin! 

The genuine Swaroviski crystal begins to spin casting dancing rainbows around the room.

Best Birthday gift ever!