Royal Blood Flows Through Your Veins

Where God is going to take you; there is going to be greater possibility, greater blessings, and greater abundance.

You are the ruler of your emotions. Get in control of them. Take back the keys to your realm from all the naysayers in your world, and in your mind. They are not the boss of you. God’s holy mind, forever present in yours, is.

Those naysayers would have you believe you are literally going to be homeless if you dare dance to the rhythm of your heart and follow your dreams.

I speak these words to remind you fear is a state of consciousness born from the most powerful naysayer of them all; the ego. The ego’s desperate need to control will always use the threat of lack through words of doubt, and feelings of anxiety and depression to hold you back. Under no circumstances does the reactive response of the ego, typically the first thought that comes to mind, have your back.

The ego has no interest in you feeling loved. Its fear is you will figure out lack is not being without, it is feeling separate from God. The ego knows the longer you feel separate from God, the longer it will take you to experience increase so you can live the abundant riches already available to you.

The ego knows you will no longer allow its drama to play itself out within that beautiful holy realm of your mind when you remember you dwell within the kingdom of heaven forever because it was God that breathed you into existence.

The ego knows you will come to attention. Your mind will become alert, and your heart will open and be receptive and you will hear the voice of God.

When this happens, the ego will attempt to wage full attack by making you think the immediate blessings that show up are signs to stay, signs to wait, signs to look the other way, signs too…whatever.

We’ve all experienced them. The moment we accepted a new job; the promotion we were overlooked for is suddenly available to us. The moment we met someone new; the person we were in love with suddenly wants to work it out. The moment we found a new house; the people’s loan on the house we wanted fell through, etc.

Remember, God has greater blessings for you, and your act of making a decision to be alert and receptive opens the door to usher dreams into reality, BUT the bigger one you have been holding yourself back from is cued up. You do not know what God has around the corner for you.

A Course In Miracles says...

“When God created you He made you part of Him.

That is why attack within the Kingdom is impossible.”

YOU, Dear One, are a part of God’s Royal Court.

You’ve got God’s Royal Blood flowing through your veins.

You are love and where love resides, fear cannot exist.

And so it is.

Shine your light.

Be the understanding you wish to receive.

Be the love you wish to feel.

Pick up your crown, put it on and graciously sit at the helm of your realm as the royal being of love that you are. Declare; I AM, and peacefully turn and walk away from the drama. Not one negative thought is worth the price you pay for it.

As A Course In Miracles says,

“Teach only love, for that is what you are…

Only by teaching love can you learn it.”

And with that, by the holy power vested me under the principality of God’s Kingdom, under the domain of Christ, through the teaching of the Holy Spirit I hand you your keys.

Welcome home!

Love, Hailey 🧘🏼‍♀️

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