I Felt Guilty So I Said, Yes!

In my coaching practice, at least once a week a client says to me, “I will feel guilty if I don’t...” even though, typically nobody feels any better about their situation when they follow through with what they decided to do.

I notice we rarely say to ourselves, when we are in the thick of making a decision,

I’m concerned _____ will _____ if I don't _____,

and If that happens I’m afraid _____.

(adapted 👆🏼 from ACIM Lesson #26)

Instead we convince ourselves we will feel guilty if we don't.

In the moment we have forgotten guilt stems from fear.

If we identify what the fear is we can dismantle the false thought system attached to it and win the war over feeling guilty, and making decisions based on a fearful outcome.

The key is to look beyond trusting the ego as your data-bank for evidence, and instead turn to your internal voice of truth for guidance.

It knows what is best.

If you do, you are more likely to make a decision that feels really good to your Spirit, and one that you personally respect as do all parties involved.

It may seem, at first, a little disappointing but it feels...

  • Good, and everyone “gets it.”

  • It lightens the situation, and ultimately ushers in new ideas, and opportunities.

  • It brings about a sense of peace.

  • It uplifts, and gives permission to everyone involved to feel - to feel their feelings and decide what is best for them as well.

You deserve to feel peaceful!

Love, Hailey 🧘🏼‍♀️

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