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Meet Hailey

Counselor of The Light

Transpersonal Therapist

 Strategy Coach


I've always believed in magic!

In fact, I've never thought other realms did not exist!


When I was a little girl, I was very aware of loved ones on the other side, that I had never met,

were looking after me.


I also had an acute awareness of what the people

around me were feeling, and how to assist them with their concerns. I could sense beings

- their guides - channeling energy from the

other side to help them. They would empathically guide me as to what to say, and to do. I became a Counselor of The Light always doing all

that I could to help people feel loved, forgiven,

and on their Soul's path.


You see, I was raised by a troubled teenage mom.

She was rarely at peace and often took her rage

out on me and my brothers. This environment was a perfect school for learning to read behavioral patterns,

sensing subtle shifts in energetic vibrational patterns, and listening to empathic guidance from the other side.

I Was Being Counseled


I developed the ability to read energy before I even arrived home so I would know what to expect, and take action to protect myself and my siblings, or not. Mama was so fun when she was feeling loved, and her mind was at peace - Are not we all?


A Course In Miracles has taught me forgiveness is the means by which we find peace and so it was, at the age of 41, grace washed over me and, in what the course calls The Holy Instant. I forgave my mom. She has since passed, and we often commune as I had always wanted when she was alive. How cool is that!

I want you to know, there is not anything you will reveal to me that will shock me, make me judge you or turn you away. I have suffered extreme emotional abuse, incest, rape, a suicide attempt, termination of a pregnancy, miscarriages, divorce, depression, relationships with narcissists, and scary poverty.

And yet, I've experienced a life of miraculous divine appointments, powerful loving connections, educational, and financial success. I'm just one of those people that has always transformed every experience into something extraordinary and loving. I've been consciously aware, since I was 5 years old, that none of what may be happening around me, defines me or is the truth of who I AM. I've never forgotten God created me, therefore I am of the mind of God, and GOD IS LOVE!

I have faith, when you are ready, you will reach out and spend some time with me. You too are of the mind of God, therefore are capable of receiving great big love - You Are Enough! Together we will connect to that sacred essence that you came in with and get you back on course to living the Soulful Loving Life you were meant to!

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Transpersonal Therapist  

I absolutely love learning and so it was I put myself through graduate school earning a Masters degree, and pilates school becoming

certified to teach all levels.

I studied Jungian Psychology with the late Charles Beabeau, PhD.


Charles was brilliant.

He laid out the framework for understanding my

emotional landscape and that of a client through identifying the presiding archetypal influence, where it resides in the body and what it needs to integrate. He gave me the therapeutic method to facilitate the healing of the mind, body and soul!

Charles also helped me hone my empathic awareness by walking me through countless breath-work sessions. I learned to clear, ground and increase my vibration for the purpose

of clear-site!

I learned to trust the messages I was receiving by paying attention to my breath. It is my breath that always brings me back centered.

Self-Love Is Divine


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Meditation Guide

I've been meditating most days since I was 26 years old - yep, 30 years!

I can't imagine not. It sets may day

up for positivity, and infuses my mind with an alternate perception - the one God would have me know.

I learned to meditate while attending the Church of Conscious Harmony in Austin, Texas. I was taught to sit 20 minutes a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to practice contemplative prayer as taught by Father Keating. 


I recall reciting a scripture as a mantra was distracting for me. I went to Tim Cook, our minister, and exclaimed contemplative prayer did not work for me.


He asked, "What does? What takes you to that space where you can hear God?" I replied, "Listening to my breath." Tim smiled and said, "Hailey, God does not care how you get there, as long as you do!"


I've been breathing my way

to God ever since! 

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Pilates Instructor

I studied pilates with the extraordinarily precise

Richard Rossiter, CPT.


Richard has shown me my mind is the only thing

that holds me back. If I say, "I can't," He replies, "You can!"

I then, typically in tears, attempt exercises I am certain my body cannot do. Each time I attempt, I release the

negative belief holding me back.


Richard's tutelage has changed my life's trajectory!

I continue to train with him, when time permits, and I continue to overcome illusions of not being enough every time - every time - I am with him!

I teach locally in Denver, CO.

Reach out > if you would like to practice pilates.

Pilates Videos

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Published Writer

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, my mom gave me a journal and

I began to write every day and have not stopped.

Journaling soothes my Soul and gives a voice to the smack talk my ego would have me believe is true.

It is also where I record poetry I channel from my late brother Shane and the guidance of the Angels.

I love writing so much that at the beginning of 2019 I found myself realizing a 35 year dream of being a copywriter.


My words are now all over the web

on the pages of self-help coaches

and my story is in a book. >


Spiritual Journal

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