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Counselor of The Light


Transpersonal Therapist

I've always believed in magic!

In fact, I've never thought other realms did not exist!


When I was a little girl, I was very aware that passed loved ones were looking after me. I remember my grandma asking me, "Hailey how do you know him? He died before you were born."

I explained, and she was shocked.

She confirmed what I knew and always

believed in "my gifts."


I also had an acute awareness of what the people

around me were feeling, and how to assist them with their concerns. I could sense beings

- their guides - channeling energy from the

other side to help them. They would empathically guide me as to what to say, and to do. I became a Counselor of The Light always doing all

that I could to help people feel loved, forgiven,

and on their Soul's path.


You see, I was raised by a troubled teenage mom.

She was rarely at peace and often took her rage

out on me and my brothers. This environment was a perfect school for learning to read behavioral patterns,

sensing subtle shifts in energetic vibrational patterns, and listening to empathic guidance from the other side.

A Course In Miracles has taught me forgiveness is the means by which we find peace and so it was, at the age of 41, grace washed over me, in what the course calls The Holy Instant, and I forgave my mom. She has since passed, and we often commune as I had always wanted when she was alive. How cool is that!

I want you to know, there is not a thing you will reveal to me that will shock me, or cause me judge you. I have suffered extreme emotional abuse, incest, rape, a suicide attempt, termination of a pregnancy, miscarriages, divorce, deep depression, relationships with narcissists and jerks, and scary financial circumstances.

And yet, I've lived a life of miraculous divine appointments, powerful loving connections

along with educational, and financial success. I earned a Masters in psychology at Regis University

becoming a Transpersonal Therapist, and gained the certification of Pilates Teacher from

The Pilates Institute of Boulder.

I've lived the corporate life as the rockstar saleswoman earning accolades and six figures year after year,

owned a profitable pilates studio, successfully guided Soulful Entrepreneurs with online sales/marketing

strategies and ALWAYS maintained a therapy/reading practice as my side gig.

Then, after years of being debt free living high on the hog, I found myself in my 50's flat broke

living on my credit cards - not kidding. I fell into a deep depression and began to play out old

"you are not enough tapes" in my head. I knew my story had to change.

No knight in shining armor was going to show up at my door, and I had yet to win the lottery.

I DECIDED I had no choice but to become my own client,

and invest in my Soul's Calling.


I sit morning, after morning meditating and scribing the counseling I was channelling

from my Master Teachers, the Akashic Records, and the Archangels

to the pages of many a journal. I processed, and synthesized what they shared using the

therapeutic tools I use with my clients.


I cleared Karmic Soul Contracts.

I healed the relationship I had with myself.

I healed a heart-break.

I cried, I danced, I laughed, I talked out loud to myself,

 I ate lots of chocolate, I walked a lot of miles, and

I let go and let God.

When I did, something extraordinary happened - 

Everything I needed, even money, began to show up!


I had made a radical transformation in the way I was thinking and now,

I want nothing more than to help others heal what is holding them back,

and I have the wisdom and methods to do so.

I promise!

I have faith, when you are ready, you will reach out and spend some time with me.

Together we will connect to that Sacred Soul Essence that you came in with and

get you back on course to living the Extraordinary Life you were meant to!

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