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You can! All solutions live within you!

You are a Spirit living the life of a Soul, and sometimes your Soul needs a bit of

insight and clarity - a course correction - in the direction YOU are to follow.

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is celebrating

30 Years of Channelling Love.

It all began with a

friend asking for a reading,

 and the rest is history...

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People Say

“My session was the perfect combination of therapy,

coaching, and reading.

Just what I needed!

Tessa, Colorado

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People Say

“I had such a beautiful Angel Soul Reading with Hailey! I loved her energy, her presence, and

she was spot on!”

Cheryl, New York

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Click schedule below, choose a session time, follow all the instructions.

You will have the option to meet via Phone, Skype or Zoom.


If you choose Zoom, your log instructions will be given to you with your confirmation email.

If you are local and wish to meet face to face, please email me

click here and we will arrange the date and time.


Your session time will be confirmed with an email as soon as you pay.

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While you are booking your session

time, you will be asked if there is anything you would like to share. 


Let me know what is going on that propelled you to reach for guidance?


What you share I will take to meditation and ask for guidance on your behalf.

Share as much as you like!

It is confidential!

Before your session, write down any questions you have so you don't forget them. An hour flies by!

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The Session

I will begin the session with a bit of conversation so that we may energetically connect.

I will then set the tone with prayer

asking for the guidance needed for

your highest spiritual growth.

I will set the timer and we will begin. 

I will let you know what I am "seeing, and sensing, and what it means." You are free to ask questions at any time. 

I will let you know when we have 10-15 min. remaining so you can get all your questions in.

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Archangels are the highest ranking of all angels. They are loving and can assist you at anytime. Currently I am working with Metatron, Uriel, Michael and Sandalphon. In fact, they inspired and guided me to share this site with you!

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