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and THE WORLD AROUND YOU ON A deeply divine level.

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My Angels & Therapist 

I remember feeling like I didn't want to be here anymore. I just wanted out - I wanted the pain to go away!

Three days after an intentional overdose, I woke up in the ICU. A beautiful voice said, "I am so glad you are back here with me and I hope you choose to stay."

remember saying, "I do. My Angels helped me."

During those three days I was with my Angelic Guardian Counsel. They explained the life's work I was to do, and I have never looked back.

I found a therapist and began to unravel the deep pain I was experiencing. Her approach was unique. She would gently guide me inward where I could experience a peace of mind and learn to discern what was true and what false about who I was, what I was feeling, and what I was worth - she saved my life.

She helped me discover my innate gifts that have allowed me to follow through with my life's work to empower women with the unique strategies they need to overcome what holds them back from naturally stepping into their worth. 

At the end of the day, what matters is how we perceive ourselves and our experiences because they are what shape our outer world.

Innately we are loving, peaceful, highly tuned intuitive beings and we deserve to feel that way!




My Mission...


It's time to let go of living with anxiety,

guilt, shame, and emotional wounds!

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Do you ever feel “I’m so done” with the human journey and want to “go home?” Have you ever pushed yourself too hard trying to meet others' expectations, and your own? Do you wish you could let go of the sleepless nights, and anxiety filled days? Do you wish you could easily establish new patterns of inspired thoughts and actions to eliminate self-sabotage. Do you sometimes think “if I could just let go of being self-conscious I could do the things I really want?” Are you ready to allow your physical, mental, and emotional body to heal and be restored to a natural state of peace?

Soul Talk

Your Angels and Loved Ones on the other

side are with you and guiding you!


Do you sometimes long for guidance from a loved one that has passed? Do you ever think to yourself, "If only I could get confirmation, then I would know..." Do you simply just want to be guided in a way that feels affirming and resonates what you think or thought was the case, but are not for sure?


You are naturally intuitive and able to

tap your inner wisdom for guidance!


Do you wish you could quiet your mind, just for a moment, so you could know what to do? Are you tired of the endless thoughts, and doubts of your inner critic? Do you wish you could make decisions without all the self-doubt, worry, and guilt? Are you ready to tap your Inner Guidance System by taking your spiritual practices deeper to maximize their manifesting potency? Or maybe you are ready to begin a spiritual practice?

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
~ Carl Jung

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